Light Up!


Showcase 2024

June 8 & 9, 2024


Francis Parker School – J. Crivello Hall
6501 Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, CA 92111

Dress Rehearsal

On June 8th, we will have our dress rehearsals. Each class will have 15 minutes on the stage to practice their dance in the new environment with the lights and in their costumes. 

Dancers should arrive “Show Ready” 15 minutes before their assigned stage time

Assigned Stage times are as follows:

11:00am Minis 3s Thurs   1:30pm Pre-Ballet/Jazz   4:00pm Modern III
11:15am Jazz I   1:45pm Ballet I for Teens   4:15pm Modern I
11:30am Jazz II   2:00pm Ballet II/III   4:30pm Jr Co by June
11:45am Minis 4s Sat   2:15pm Dance Explorers   4:45pm Jr Co by Leila
12:00pm Minis 4s Wed   2:30pm Exploring Ballet/Jazz   5:00 Jr Co Group Pieces
12:15pm Minis 5s Mon   2:45pm Contemporary II      
12:30pm Modern II   3:00pm Hip Hop      
12:45pm Minis 3s Sat   3:15pm Senior Solo      
1:00pm Pre-Hip Hop   3:30pm Jr Co by Al      
1:15pm Ballet I   3:45pm Contemporary I      



Find your class(es)  listed below.  

SHOW A: Sunday 11:30am
Dancers must arrive by: 11:00 am

Classes Performing in SHOW A:
Minis 5-6 Monday
Minis 4-5 Wednesday
Minis 3-4 Thursday
Minis 3-4 Saturday
Minis 4-5 Saturday
Junior Company

SHOW B: Sunday 1:00 & 3:30pm
Dancers must arrive by: 12:30 pm

Classes Performing in SHOW B:

All other classes as well as Junior Company



General Admission: $15
Youth (2-17)/Seniors (65+): $10
2 & Under are free on a lap.

Volunteer opportunities are available to earn free tickets.

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“Show Ready”

“Show Ready” is the phrase we use to indicate dancers have their hair and makeup done and are in costume or ready to be in costume quickly.

For dancers in one class:
Arrive for shows in costume with sweatpants/sweatshirt over top.

For dancers in multiple classes:
Arrive for shows in skin tone base (Leotard & tights) with sweatpants/sweatshirt over top with costumes in a garment bag. 


Costumes will be sent home with Students in May.

They will be packaged in a garment bag with your dancer’s name on it and a list of the costumes and accessories for each of their classes.

Students should not play in their costumes before the show. Please keep them hung in a closet and safe until June 8th.

We recommend that dancers in multiple classes have a skin tone leotard to wear under their costumes. This will help make sure dancers are comfortable changing in the dressing room.

Generally, tights serve in place of underwear when wearing a costume. Dancers who are not comfortable going without underwear or who wish to wear a bra should find those items in a color that is as close as possible to their skin tone.


Dancers are required to wear makeup for dress rehearsal and performance. This helps to keep their features discernible on the stage.

Dancers should wear –
Brown Smokey Eye Shadow
Red Lipstick

Click here for tutorials

If you need additional assistance please contact [email protected]


Dancers in Ballet, Modern, Jazz, Dance Explorers, & Creative Dance should wear their hair in a ballet bun at the crown of the head for the showcase.

Dancers in Hip Hop & Contemporary should wear their hair in a low pony tail.

Click here for tutorials

If your costume has a hair piece, please place it to the right of the bun.

If you need additional assistance please contact [email protected]