About Our Outreach Programs


Through an inclusive lens, we cultivate a community of belonging.

Malashock Dance’s Arts Integrated, Outreach Programs bridge the gap between academics and dance to cultivate creativity, enhance critical thinking, and foster a deeper understanding of a wide range of subjects.



Established in 1988, Malashock Dance has facilitated partnerships with over 25 schools and institutions. We have served over 40,000 students, including over 2,000 students with an average of 85% low-income participants throughout the San Diego community.

Our programs are dedicated to reaching underserved communities, including individuals with disabilities and those from low-income backgrounds who may not have readily available access to free or affordable arts programs.

The impact of our praised programs includes increased student test scores, student engagement, school attendance, and parent involvement.

     Please contact Outreach Program Manager,  Nicole Diaz-Pellot for Program Inquiries   [email protected]

Community Need

  • Malashock Dance has identified the need for free or low-cost dance programming based on the socio-economic barriers that effect parents’ ability to pay for dance class tuition, the absence of dance programming in schools, the limited number of private dance studios in low income areas, and a lack of participation in physical activities by children (especially children with disabilities).
  • According to San Diego Unified School District’s demographic profiles, nearly 95% of students participating in Malashock Dance Education Outreach programming qualify for free or reduced-price meals and approximately 12% have Individual Education Plans (IEP) due to developmental disabilities. Over 70% of the students participating in Malashock Dance Education Outreach programming are minorities.
  • The San Diego Unified School District has made approximately $5 million in reductions to the budget over the past five years. As a result, many in-school arts programs have been eliminated. Malashock Dance is capable of meeting this need by combining resources while drawing on community support for innovative programming.
  • Malashock Dance has also identified the need for increased physical activity in order to address the increasing rates of childhood obesity in San Diego. Approximately 20.4% of children ages 5-20 were overweight in San Diego in 2002, which is an increase of 55% from 1992 (Pediatric Nutrition Survey for California and San Diego, 2002). Due to reductions to the San Diego Unified School District budget, many schools have eliminated Physical Education instructors, which resulted in less physical activity for students. Standards-based learning in dance addresses the need for moderate to vigorous physical activity which will dramatically reduce the risk of childhood obesity.
  • Malashock Dance addresses a need for hands-on learning opportunities seldom incorporated into traditional school instruction. Often, hidden strengths and leadership qualities surface during creative activities like dance class and allow unlikely students the opportunity to shine.

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