Letter of Support from San Miguel

Letter of Support from San Miguel


Malashock has provided an amazing experience for my granddaughter. 

My granddaughter has always enjoyed dancing but it was primarily unstructured. Now, as a teenager, she wanted more. She wanted to dance in a challenging and supportive environment.

When a friend suggested we try Malashock, it was perfect. 

Classes challenged her but didn’t overwhelm. Teachers helped her find what she wanted in a dance school. And the staff was willing to work with us as we found the right dance classes.

From the first day, my granddaughter has been enthusiastic and I have been rewarded with her joy.  With Malashock’s help, she has found dance that takes her beyond what she knew and toward what she now knows she can accomplish. 


My girls had a blast and their experience has been so positive! [The oldest] has especially had such a great experience and has really grown so much through Malashock’s Classes and programs.


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