Our Evolution

The Future of Malashock Dance

Over the last six months, Malashock Dance has been working alongside our community to deepen our understanding of the organization’s mission, values, and impact. Through focus groups, surveys, and strategic planning, we have refined our mission and are now poised to EVOLVE into a community-centered organization that will center dance as an invaluable part of the human experience. Malashock Dance will continue to thrive under this model. The Evolution Campaign will support the activities and programs that embody this shift. Over the next 2 years, we will welcome new artists to participate as candidates for a leadership role as founder John Malashock transitions to a new phase of his career, focused on mentorship and serving as a resident choreographer for future productions. 



 Our state of “Evolution,” is about more than the future of artistic leadership of Malashock Dance.  Our Evolution is about the transition to a vision-centered organization that upholds its values and mission, rather than a person-centered one. While Founding Director John Malashock’s role will change over the course of the next few years, the organization is poised to thrive. As we explore candidates who may take an artistic leadership role in the organization, we will share activities that are meant to provide opportunities for candidates to demonstrate their alignment with our values and mission.



 The mission of Malashock Dance is to illuminate the power of dance as an invaluable part of the human experience. It is a gathering place for artists to create new work, connect with audiences, and offer unique educational opportunities. We believe dance belongs to everyone.




 We light up with passion and excellence.

At every level of the organization, we demonstrate an insatiable desire to explore dance from every angle, then share it with others.


People thrive when they feel they belong.  

First and foremost, its about creating spaces where people feel welcome and wanted.  It means designing inclusivity – regardless of race, ability, background – into everything we create, which in turn creates space for growth, empowerment, and bravery to expand and grow.  Our artists, teachers, students, and patrons are part of a community where they matter.


Dance expands human connections.

Malashock Dance brings individuals together to innovate, create, learn, and share their experiences.




Create a gathering place for artists to expand what dance can do. 

Produce events that connect creators, performers, and audiences.

Nurture dance as a tool for lifelong learning.




  • Complete “Manifesto Project” – redefining mission, who we are, what we do, and WHY we do it
  • Recruit a new Board Chair
  • Identify potential candidates for artistic leadership and create residencies
  • Build a strong Board of Directors with at least 8 members
  • Repositioning and rebranding
  • Complete the Fundraising Campaign
  • Clearly define current and future leadership roles
  • Transition John Malashock to Choreographer in Residence

perpetual (E)motion: April 15 & 16, 2023

Malashock Dance presents perpetual (E)motion, a contemporary dance performance that will usher in the unique choreographic voices of Christopher K. Morgan and Tristian Griffin, who are candidates for an artistic leadership position at Malashock Dance. The performance also features the world premiere of a new work by founding Artistic Director, John Malashock. Eight Malashock Dance professional Company dancers will wow audiences with a sophisticated evening of dance powered by emotional storytelling and physical expression.




  • $101,935 Raised in 2022
  • $100,000 Goal for 2023
  • $100,000 Goal for 2024
  • $100,000 Goal for 2025

Upcoming Events

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