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Math in Motion

Combine the creativity of dance with the power of numbers!

Our innovative program merges grade-level Common Core Standards in Math with California Visual and Performing Arts Standards in Dance. Students engage in high-level critical thinking and use innovative habits of mind to find ways to express mathematical concepts in the creation and performance of dance.

Grades:  UTK-5th
Length of Program:  10 weeks

P.E. in Motion

Promote physical fitness through the joy of dance!

Our integrated program combines Common Core Standards in Physical Education and Visual and Performing Arts Standards in Dance
Carefully crafted lesson plans will enhance students’ motor skills, coordination, self-confidence, and teamwork.

Grades: UTK-5th
Length of  Program: 10 weeks

After-School in Motion

Explore dance as a creative outlet.

Unleash students’ energy through movement and artistry. Ignite imagination, foster confidence, embrace self-expression.
Choose from diverse dance styles, catering to students unique passions.

Grades: UTK-5th
Length of Program: 10 week minimum

Artist's in Motion

Inspire students to expand on their artistic potential.

Malashock Dance will develop a custom Artist Residency in your school’s existing dance program. A Malashock Company Dancer or Malashock Dance teaching Artist will teach weekly dance technique classes. The residency will enhance technical proficiency, increase versatility, expand repertoire, and further develop your dance department. Residency can include various dance styles.

  • Weekly classes must be scheduled during school hours.

Grades: 6-12th

Dance with ThisABILITY

Dance as a form of self-expression for ALL.

Malashock Dance facilitates Dance with ThisABILITY, a program where young adults are integrated into a professional dance environment. Our inclusive dance program provides a safe and supportive environment for students with developmental disabilities to explore dance freely.

A Malashock Dance Teaching Artist will provide dance classes that incorporates fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, musicality, and self-expression through movement.

  • Dancers participate in enriching public performances that help extinguish stereotypes about people with disabilities.
  • The partnership helps create an inclusive dance culture that is representative of all people.
Professional Development Workshop

Discover the transformative power of integrating dance curriculum.

Our workshop equips classroom teachers with the essential tools and confidence to seamlessly integrate movement into their classroom curriculum. Empower yourself as an educator and unlock the potential of movement-enhanced learning.
Malashock Dance will provide materials created for the workshop. With quality instruction from experienced dance educators, classroom teachers will learn the fundamentals of Dance.

Field Trip: Malashock Dance Company Performance

Take a journey through dance.

Visit a live, professional performance by Malashock Dance Company. Students will experience a unique a Malashock Dance Company production in a dedicated venue with only students in the audience.
*Field trips must be reserved and scheduled during the Company’s performance season. School is responsible for transportation.

Option A) Students attend a private professional performance by Malashock Dance Company. Followed by a Q&A with Choreographers and Company Dancers.
Option B) Attend an open rehearsal with the Malashock Dance Company. Followed by a Q&A with Choreographers and Company Dancers.

Grades Eligible: 6-12th 

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