10:30 – 12 PM Session 1: COTA (Collaborations: Teachers and Artists)

TOPIC: Arts in Schools – A Wealth of Possibilities

Session Description The session will focus on the three ways in which the arts – with a primary focus on dance – are generally incorporated into instruction at schools. Through presentation, experiential activities, discussion and brainstorm, participants will better understand each category, be able to discern their own interest in each, understand that every category has value, and be better equipped to communicate with schools about the benefits and needs of each. 

Overview of Session 

  • Definitions and distinctions of Arts as Curriculum, Arts Enhanced Curriculum, and Arts Integrated Curriculum. 
  • Examples of projects / workshops / residencies that might fit into each category. 
  • Experiential activities with dance and creative movement as they might exist in each category. 
  • Review of the benefits and validity of each category. 
  • Group discussion about what artists need to be successful in each of the categories and how one might go about requesting from the host organization and/or school site 
  • CoTA will outline its position along the continuum, explaining a bit about our approach to arts integration.

12:00 –  12:30pm LUNCH (Provided)

12:30 – 1:45 pm Session 2: Malashock Dance

TOPIC: Curriculum Integration

Session Description The session will focus on curriculum integration. The presentation will discuss how to read and interpret the VAPA curriculum guidelines, basic coverage of Core Curriculum guidelines, and how to best integrate these curriculums together. Through movement, discussion and presentation we will explore curriculum together, find synergies between the two to allow for optimal planning,presentation, and execution from the teaching artists point of view. 

Overview of Session 

  • Break-down of how to read and interpret the VAPA standards. Creating, Performing, Connecting, Responding.  
  • Examples of each component as it pertains to a dance class
  • Overview of Common Core Standards
  • Group discussion: how to interpret the core standards and relate them to the VAPA Standards
  • What does a class look like incorporating both Standards. Examples from Math in Motion and PE in Motion. 


1:45 – 2:00 PM BREAK

2:00 – 3:15 pm Session 3: Kids Included Together

TOPIC: Inclusive Teaching: Disability, Inclusion Starts Here 

  1. Create a supportive, respectful environment: promote diversity and fairness. Have high expectations of all your students. 
  2. Create a supportive peer culture both inside and outside the classroom. This is when you empower learners to respect and trust each other, making empathy and caring ‘fashionable’ and reinforcing positive and pro-social attitudes by encouraging learners to help each other.
  3. Plan learning which includes participation from everyone and encourages success. You can do this by creating an environment which is personalized to students’ needs and by talking about learning that focuses on what students can do and what they would like to do next.
  4. Take a ‘community’ approach to learning and teaching. Inclusive values are developed through a student’s lived experience and their exposure to other cultures and world-views. 

3:15 – 3:30 PM: CLOSING ACTIVITY/REFLECTION (Malashock Dance)