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Outreach Teaching Opportunities

MALASHOCK DANCE illuminates the power of dance as an invaluable part of the human experience. Through an inclusive lens, we cultivate a community of belonging. Dance expands human connections and enhances creativity and self-expression. Our Goal is to use dance as a tool for lifelong learning, by sharing our passion for Arts Integration and empowering students to build confidence, embrace their authentic selves, and light up with creative expression.

The Malashock Dance Outreach Program creates partnerships and programs that enhance the emotional, physical, and artistic development of thousands of children in our community each year. These teaching positions are based on the needs of each school. The days and times of the program are determined by the availability of the teaching artist as well as the school.

Pay rate:
$50/hour, 3 hours of planning at admin rate of $15/hour per 10 week program

– In-School programs include arts integration, arts enhancement, residencies, and after school programs throughout the school year.


Nicole Diaz-Pellot, Outreach Coordinator
[email protected]
619-260-1622 ext. 1

>Dance School Teaching Opportunities

We believe dance belongs to everyone. Our mission is to create a vibrant community, driven by passion for dance, that nurtures the development of well-rounded artists. We believe that individuals of all ages and abilities can thrive and find a sense of belonging in our programs.

If you are passionate about dance and creating great dancers and even better humans, we want you to join our faculty! Our dance school offers classes for dancers and movers of all abilities, training levels, races, and identities ages 3 and up. The schedule includes Modern, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Jazz, & Ballet. 

Pay rate:
$45-$55 per hour depending on experience.

Teachers are hired as part-time or Seasonal Employees

Additional Benefits:

– Teachers receive free access to the studio for planning
– Discounted rate on studio rental
– Free access to all classes, performances, and workshops
– Access to Malashock Dance vision, dental, and health care plans (not employer-sponsored for seasonal or part-time employees)
– Free professional development


Kaely Garred, School Director
[email protected]
619-260-1622 ext. 1

Company Dancer Positions For Future Projects

To be considered for future projects, please submit your letter of interest and qualifications through the link below, and our artistic staff will review your materials. The Artistic Director seeks highly-trained dancers with substantial performance experience, and the willingness to grow as an artist. 

In 1988, building on his extensive career in dance and theater, John Malashock founded Malashock Dance. Now based at Dorothea Laub Dance Place San Diego in ARTS DISTRICT: Liberty Station, Malashock Dance provides access to quality dance performance and training opportunities for professional dancers. Seen on regional, national, and international stages, Malashock Dance’s impressive accomplishments include the creation of over 100 original dance works, six Emmy-award winning dance films, annual performances & workshops, participation in arts festivals, and numerous collaborative projects.

Pay Rates: $22/hour for rehearsals, $37/hour for performance calls/$15/hour for meetings

Dancers are hired as part-time or seasonal employees.

Additional Benefits:

Malashock Dance Company Dancers are covered under workers-compensation insurance.

Malashock Dance Company Dancers have access to it’s employee health, dental, and vision plans. (Plans are not employer-sponsored for part-time or seasonal employees.)

Malashock Dance Company Dancers are able to take any Malashock Dance Class or Workshop for free.

Malashock Dance Company Dancers have limited but generous access to chiropractic care free of charge.

Malashock Dance Company Dancers are able to use the studio at a 50% discounted rate.

  • Malashock Dance Company Dancers report to and work closely with the Artistic Director.
  • Financial, HR, and employment questions can be directed to the Executive Director.



Company Guest Choreographer Positions Available

Malashock Dance is offering opportunities for guest choreographers to set work on our company. 


John Malashock, Artistic Director
[email protected]

Molly Puryear, Executive Director
[email protected]

Upcoming Events

Check out a schedule of our upcoming performances and events.