Uplifting Gestures



WHEN: Saturday, September 17th 10:30 AM-12 noon & 2:00-3:30 PM.

WHAT: Two Gesture Drawing Sessions and live Dance performances.

​WHERE: The Central Promenade at Liberty Station.

The Central Promenade is located outside behind the Dick Laub NTC Command Center.

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A gesture drawing 
is a quick drawing of the action and form of a pose in a very loose, fluid manner. Gesture drawings show a fleeting moment and express the feeling of the pose. No experience needed. This is meant to be loose and fun. All Art supplies provided.
This is a Community Invitation to an outdoor gesture drawing and dance performance event. We invite you to come draw the Malashock dancers as Leslie demos gesture drawings and guides you through and John Malashock teaches you about his processes as a Professional Dancer and choreographer! FREE TO THE COMMUNITY!

​The concept of an uplifting gesture expresses kindness, positivity, and lifting each other up. Join Artist Leslie Pierce to create quick gesture drawings and get a behind-the-scenes look at John Malashock as he creates choreography with the Malashock Dancers.

Leslie will demo gesture drawing techniques and help attendees create quick, timed drawings (30 seconds. 1 minute, 2 minutes) throughout the event. John will direct the dancers and talk about some of the processes he uses to create dynamic, choreographed dance performances.

Participants have the opportunity to donate a gesture drawing to Artist Leslie who will incorporate some of the gesture drawings into an Art Installation. The installation will be on view in December. All participants will be included on a wall sign. Thank you!

​This event honors diversity and inclusiveness and is open to the differently-abled and is wheelchair accessible.

This Project is Grant funded by The NTC Foundation.
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Thank you to our sponsors: