Weekend Workshops


4 in-depth workshops in popular modern techniques & more

Our Summer Weekend Workshops are offered on a “Pay-What-You-Can” basis thanks to the generous support of the Lynn
Fayman Fund for Dance.

Horton Technique

with Courtney Giannone

July 15 – July 17

Immerse yourself in the rich vocabulary of Horton Technique.  This intensive begins with a complete Horton Class each day.  Additionally, students will have dedicated time to physically explore the codified exercises in detail and be able to ask questions. Participants will gain a deeper understanding of the Horton Technique. 
This workshops is designed for Intermediate – Professional Level Dancers


Graham Technique

with Natalia Hill

July 22 – July 24

Explore the fundamentals of the Graham technique with an emphasis on floor work. Spend the weekend working through the intricacies of contractions, spirals, and opposition.

This workshops is designed for Dancers of all levels.



with Arleen Sugano

August  12 – August 14

SuganoSystemBallet is a guided, hands-on, results-driven scientific approach to classical ballet. It offers a pragmatic methodology of mastering professional classical ballet technique by integrating science to produce consistent and repeatable results. Additionally, it contributes to reducing the risk of injury and promoting longevity through ergonomics and efficiency: safe dance practices.

This workshops is designed for Intermediate – Professional Level Dancers


Dunham Technique

with Nicole Diaz-Pellot

August 19 – August 21

Dunham Technique is a vibrant African American dance form that engages the body, mind and spirit! Created by dance pioneer Katherine Dunham, the technique is informed by the traditional dances of the African Diaspora, as well as by modern and ballet. Dunham Technique creates strong, dynamic dancers who embody rhythm and grace. Classes will offer a variety of experiences, including breathing, isolations, floor work, barre work and progressions across the floor. 

This workshops is designed for Dancers of All Levels

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