Malashock Dance stands in solidarity with Black communities. We support artists, patrons, administrators, students, friends, and families of color. We are committed to actions, strategies, and communication that fight injustice and represent BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) in the dance industry. We recognize the importance of this moment in history and understand that it is our responsibility to listen, learn, speak out, and take action.

Our small but dedicated staff, faculty, dancers, and Board are meeting regularly to discuss how we can dismantle and address our own shortcomings in representing and supporting underrepresented voices, especially in our industry. We are now working to create tactical responses to these issues. We will involve our amazing community in fine-tuning these strategies. This work will be imperfect. We ask for your feedback and involvement. We are listening and we have a lot to learn. Stay tuned as we will be releasing our list of commitments to this cause and the actions that will be taken to change our status quo.

In the meantime, you will also see us continue to publicly support our faculty and dancers as they hold their weekly classes. Please know that while we are continuing to operate our programs and services, plan and prepare for re-opening live classes, and maintain the operations of the organization, the importance of this historic moment is never forgotten or far from our minds.

Your feedback is welcome.

In Solidarity,

John Malashock, Artistic Director
Molly Puryear, Executive Director


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