Promoting dance as a channel for
personal expression through participation,
education, and artistic collaboration.


2016-2017 Season

 Move and Be Moved!


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Artistic excellence and creative collaboration are at the heart of our Season, and we are engaging our community to keep the art of dance in the forefront of San Diego’s cultural identity.

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Photo: Raymond Elstad

Your support will bring local schools, nationally renowned arts organizations, our dancers, and our community together this season…and beyond!

Our exciting Season of Company performances feature stunning repertory, world-premier works by John Malashock, local collaborations that benefit students, and ambitious bi-coastal collaboration.


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Your support will create access to life-changing dance education programs for thousands of San Diego students!

Our education programs at our School and in our community bring the important benefits of dance to all ages and levels of ability. Our donors and sponsors allow us to eliminate financial barriers for families and promising pre-professional dancers.


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Your support will make a difference in the lives of our dancers, teachers, and students for years to come! 


Our community of artists, dancers, patrons, faculty, and staff work together with you, our supporters, to ensure that the joy of dance reaches our diverse audiences. We look forward to seeing you and hearing your thoughts!


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Malashock Dance is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible to the extent of the law.



The Malashock Dance School Circle is an opportunity for students of the School to donate and receive special insider perks, including free and discounted classes.

See a list of perks and levels HERE.


Your donation may be doubled if your employer has a matching gift program. Please ask your Human Resources Department today!


 Sponsors & Supporters

Legacy Circle ($100,000 +)

Danah Fayman

Enid Gleich 

Madeline Goldberg

David Stutz in honor of Abbe Wolfsheimer

Sponsor Circle ($15,000 +)

Mickey Malashock
Dr. Irwin and Joan Jacobs

Designer’s Circle ($5,000 – $14,999)

Jeffrey and Sheila Lipinsky
Jeanette Stevens
Edith Andrew-Akita
Daniel & Phyllis Epstein
Dorothea Laub

Director’s Circle ($1,000 – $4,999)

 Chris Loughridge
Dr. Bob and June Shillman
Sheryl and Harvey White
Vivien and Jeffrey Ressler
Peter and Melna Katzman
Molli and Arthur Wagner
Joyce Axelrod & Joe Fisch
Maureen and Charles King
Reinette and Marvin Levine
Stacy and Don Rosenberg
Paul Henkart and Nancy Tomich 

Choreographer’s Circle ($250 – $999)

Lyman Christopher
Richard A Braun
Florence Cohen
Louis and Renee Feinswog
Zdenka Fronek & Walter Olsen
Herbert Solomon and Elaine Galinson
Diana Glimm
James & Lois Lasry
Alex and Judy McDonald
Russell Frackman and Myrna Morganstern
Stuart Schwartz
Miriam Summ
Joseph Brooks and Douglas Walker
Caroline Amanquah-Hiller
Steele Fors
Betty & Hank Harriman
Kathy Paulin
Susan Barbey Booth
Alex Feller
Bob & Debbie Fellman
Gary Ferdman
Andrew Frackman
Jill Hall
Michael Becker & Susan Hay
Betty Hiller
Nancy Barlow James
Elliot Lasser
Victor Maslov
John and Sarah Rebelo
Paul Robinson and Trudy Stambook
Neno and Victoria Segura
Marilyn Stenvall
Paula Tallal

Dancer’s Circle ($100 – $249) 

Steve & Paciencia Armstrong
Roberta Burnett
Janice Steinberg & Jack Cassidy
Natalie Dahl
Oliver McElroy and Karen Delaurier
Bernard Eggertsen & Florence Nemkov
Bill and Elaine Farran
Edna and Alexander Harper
Betsy Frank and John Kafka
Dori & Charles Kaufman
Fang Lin
Carroll Long
John & Bonnie Rush
Jerome Shaw and Joyce Cutler Shaw
Francy Starr
Rosary Stephen
Mildred Weisz
George and Kate Willis
Caryl Lees Witte
Frank Kalmar and Susan Stern
Hamilton and Estelle Loeb
John David and Mary Peters
Evelyn Spilka
Patti and Coop Cooprider
Peter and Lorri Bauer
Lynn Beller
Joan Bernstein
Joseph and Edith Bookstein
Lori Champagne
Nancy Glynn
Jerry & Linda Goldberg
Don and Dale Goldman
Meg and Allan Goldstein
Jan Huttner
Gregory Laemmle
Lynne Martin
Barbara Moss
Joani Nelson
Vicki Nenner
Louis Proyect
Stuart Robinson
Reema R Shah
Shanna & Tom Bradley
Howard Silberman
Tracy Skaddan
Barry A Fisher TTEE
Louis Wolfsheimer

Friend’s Circle ($20 – $99)

Mary Fujimoto
Donna M Gookin
Jared Ostertag
Phylaine Bemel
Michael and Linda Bennett
Drew Cady
Bethany Fitzsimmons
Sonia P. Fuentes
Dr. Merryl Goldberg $
Judy Dolan and Raymond Hardie
Heather Hawkins
Annette Insdorf
Jim Gold International, Inc
Jennifer Jones
Diane Holland and Geoffrey Manning
Katy J McDonald
Mary and Mike Meyer
Diana and Ric Nicastro
David Rafsky
Alyssa Sepinwall
Anne and Ronald Simon
Martin and Charlotte Stern
Margo Wilding & Richard Avery
Brianna Wood Pilkinton
Joyce Field
Gordon and Sharon Fuller
Michael Hopkins
Martha McPhail
Diane Seaberg and Glenn Smith
Eric Pitarresi
Faye Kilstein
Jeanette Chayes
Laurie Itkin
Charles Johnson
Rhonda Schwartz


Malashock Dance School Circle

Deanna Askin

Rupert and Christen Essinger

Bethany Fitzsimmons

Charles Glidden

Christina Kelley

Steele Fors

Victor Razo

Reema Shah

Amy Spitler

Abbigail Young






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