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Molly Puryear Bio


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Molly Puryear, Daily Warm-up

MOLLY PURYEAR brings seven years’ experience in program management and administration to her position. She was instrumental in the founding and development of the School in 2007, and as Education Director from 2009 – 2014, she was responsible for all aspects of development, facilitation, marketing, employment, partnerships, curriculum development, grant-writing and administration for the School and inreach/outreach programs. She has strategically aligned specific synergies between the artistic and educational pillars in order to create a holistic approach to the relationship between MD’s programs, the community it serves, and its funders. She infuses the administrative staff with confidence, is open to creative strategies, and has increased accountability, trust, and cohesion amongst staff. Molly has proven to be an excellent model of management and leadership. She is thrilled to share her profound knowledge and passion for the artistic and education programs of Malashock Dance with the community.

A modern dancer and instructor with over fifteen years’ experience teaching dance and over 25 years of training in various dance genres, Molly demonstrates uncompromising dedication to both students and the art form of dance. Molly received a BFA in Dance from University of North Texas in 2003, where she primarily studied under Arleen Sugano, master instructor and co-author of Physics and the Art of Dance; and Robin Lakes. Molly has choreographed and performed for numerous local dance events, including Sound Dance Company in San Diego.

Molly is an active member of several arts education advocacy groups including AERO San Diego, and was honored to present on arts integration at the Kickstart the Arts in (Y)our Schools conference in 2014 with Dr. Meryl Goldberg. Ms. Puryear participated in the Fieldstone Foundation’s Non-Profit Leadership Learning Group and executive coaching program. She was the recipient of the Center for Cultural Innovation’s NextGen grant for professional development, and served on the Steering Committee for San Diego Dance Connect, a local dance service organization, from 2014-2016.


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