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Molly Puryear Bio

MP0492.3Molly Puryear, Daily Warm-up

Molly Puryear, the Education Director for Malashock Dance is an accomplished modern dancer and teaching artist with over ten years’ experience teaching dance and over 25 years of training in various dance genres. With uncompromising dedication to both students and the art form of dance, she has taught and inspired literally thousands of students in San Diego.


Molly has choreographed and performed for local dance events such as youTURN contemporary arts exhibition, the Mission Federal ARTwalk, MixUp Project at Ray at Night, The Malashock Dance School Showcases, and Celebrate Dance Festival. She has most recently performed with Sound Dance Company Tamara Saari Dance Collective from New York.


Molly received a BFA in Dance from University of North Texas in 2003, where she studied under Arleen Sugano, master instructor and co-author of Physics and the Art of Dance.  Molly receives continued artistic guidance under the advisement of Ms. Sugano. As Education Director of Malashock Dance, Molly facilitates all aspects of The Malashock Dance School, a Modern Dance training program with classes for all ages, levels, and abilities. She develops community partnerships, artistic residencies in schools, and specializes in creating programs that integrate dance with academic studies. Molly is passionate about inclusion of students with disabilities and was invited to present on inclusive movement strategies at the National Conference on Inclusion in 2010, 2012, and 2013.


Molly strives to create access to dance for at-risk youth, underserved student populations, students with disabilities, and both recreational and pre-professional adults. She is an active member of several arts education advocacy groups including AERO San Diego, the San Diego Arts Education Alliance, and Rising Arts Leaders of the San Diego Foundation.

Posted at March 13th, 2013 by Molly Puryear.