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Khamla Somphanh Bio

khamlaphotowebKhamla Somphanh, New Works

Khamla has been dancing and teaching professionally for over 20 years in the realm of concert dance throughout country.  She recently moved from the Bay Area, where she danced with ODC/San Francisco Dance Company and taught at Mills College in Oakland, ODC Commons in San Francisco, Berkeley Ballet and Shawl-Anderson Dance Center in Berkeley. Khamla currently teaches open classes at The Academy of Performing Arts and Visionary Dance Theater where she is resident choreographer.  She has been on staff at San Diego Dance Theater and held workshops and Master classes for SDSU, Malashock Dance, Eveoke Dance Theater, Scripps Ranch Performing Arts, Black Mountain Dance and School of Creative and Performing Arts.  In addition to creating her own work, her passion for modern dance has guided her to perform as guest artist with Malashock Dance and with numerous companies as Wylliams/Henry Danse Ensemble, Dance Esaias Theater Company, Na-Ni Chen Dance Company, Rod Rodgers Dance Company, East/West Repertory Ensemble, New World Dance Company, Seraphim Repertory Company and Soundance Dance Company with work by: KT Nelson, Brenda Way, Milton Myers, Leni Wylliams, Rod Rodgers, Sean Curran, Heidi Latsky, Nai-Ni Chen, Lloyd Whittmore, and Easias Johnson to name a few.  Khamla has also performed as the lead dancer “Eliza” in the Broadway Revival of the “King and I” with Lou Diamond Phillips and choreography by Lar Lubovitz.  She was then cast in the 1st national tour with Marie Osmond, where she performed “Eliza” in addition to being Asst. Dance Captain for the touring company.


Khamla teaches a Horton based modern class that emphasizes physicality, strength and rhythm with a concentration on body alignment and movement through space.  Although Horton-based, she infuses her own style gathered from her studies with master teachers and choreographers.  Her knowledge of various dance techniques such as Horton, Graham, Cunningham, Simonson and Ballet also allow her to guide dancers as needed in class.


Posted at March 13th, 2013 by Molly Puryear.