Promoting dance as a channel for
personal expression through participation,
education, and artistic collaboration.

Education Outreach

Education Outreach Programs

Malashock Dance School continues to create partnerships and develop programs that enhance the emotional, physical, and artistic development of thousands of children in our community each year. Our goal is to empower children through creativity and movement, creating great dancers and extraordinary people in the process.

Math In Motion

MATH IN MOTION serves Kindergarten through eighth grade classrooms in partnership with the San Diego Unified School District Visual and Performing Arts department. The program’s innovative approach to cross-curricular education includes rotations of ten weekly classes that integrate grade-level Dance, Physical Education, and Math content standards. Due to the unique structure and highly integrated lesson plans, Malashock Dance (MD) will include a professional development workshop for participating classroom teachers, enabling school sites to continue replicable project activities after the ten classes with MD. By adding a physical element to the process of exploring mathematical concepts, this program will increase the depth of learning and understanding, especially for students who have not been successful in a traditional sedentary classroom environment. In addition, ESL (English Second Language) students are given a visceral experience where non-verbal communication is used to teach, learn, and reenforce benchmarks for success.

Math in Motion – Freese Elementary 2015 from Malashock Dance on Vimeo.

Academics in Motion

Malashock Dance Teaching Artists support current academic curricula with each dance lesson. First-grade students may focus on reading comprehension skills as they explore the concepts of character, plot, and setting through movement. Third-graders can explore Japanese culture and history as they choreograph dances based on hiaku and traditional woodblock prints. Fifth-graders can study history and geography through the development of movement and choreography. Dances reflect the landscapes, shelters, tools, and communities of pre-Colombian settlements in America. Curricula is tailor fit to each class, and can integrate dance with a variety of academic units of study and CCSS. All students journal each week to reflect on connections and applications, providing a direct measurement of what the students have learned during class.

Artists in Motion

High School students attending La Jolla Country Day School have the opportunity to work with a resident Malashock Dance teaching artist during their dance class offered on campus.  Students work specifically on developing their technique in modern dance and learning choreography for their Spring dance performance.  MD enhances the quality of La Jolla Country Day School’s dance education program by providing students direct access to a MD teaching artist.  This training and exposure leaves a lasting impact on students, creating dancers and arts supporters in the process.

Dance with thisABILITY!

In partnership with St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, Malashock Dance facilitates Dance with thisABILITY, a program where young adults are integrated into a professional dance environment at Dance Place San Diego.  Malashock Dance teaching artists provide a weekly dance class that incorporates fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, musicality, self expression through movement, and pattern sequencing into an upbeat instructional setting.  Students warm up, complete improvisation exercises, and learn a special piece of choreography.  They have two opportunities to perform at St. Madeleine’s Sophie Center, and work in collaboration with other students with disabilities who are studying music.  They accompany the dancers, providing an entertaining and moving display of ability!


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