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Education Outreach


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Education Outreach Programs


The Malashock Dance School creates partnerships and programs that enhance the emotional, physical, and artistic development of thousands of children in our community each year. Our goal is to empower children through creativity and movement, creating great dancers and extraordinary people in the process.


Since its establishment in 1988, Malashock Dance has facilitated partnerships with over 25 schools and institutions, and has served over 40,000 students in San Diego. Its unique in-school and after-school programs serve low-income communities and individuals with disabilities who lack access to free or low-cost arts programming.

Malashock Dance provides learning opportunities that strengthen students’ ability to focus, collaborate, problem solve, and discover creative connections between academics and dance. Its cutting-edge programs are currently serving over 2,000 students, with an average of 85% low-income participants. The impact of these highly praised programs includes increased student test scores, student engagement, school attendance, and parent involvement. Malashock Dance is proud to be the only dance organization in San Diego to provide programming specifically for students with cognitive disabilities.

Current Education Outreach Programs

The Liberty School Project at NTC Promenade

  • Serves over 200 students from Dewey Elementary School, ALBA School (Alternative Learning for Behavior and Attitude), and the Juvenile Court Community Schools
  • Participating students have been identified as “at-risk” due to prior behavioral violations, criminal records, and high rates of transiency due to a high percentage of military families.
  • Students participate in dance, music, art and science classes with organizations in the NTC Promenade in order to create a hands-on learning environment that support innovation, re-engagement, and mentorship during school hours.

Math in Motion at Elizabeth Freese Elementary School

  • Located in Southeast San Diego, students at Elizabeth Freese Elementary represent an underserved youth population who lack consistent access to artistic programming.
  • Over 99% of students are considered low-income.
  • More than 400 students participate in weekly dance classes that integrate math and dance to enhance learning in all areas.

Math in Motion in partnership with Arts 4 Learning in the San Diego Unified School District 

  • Rosa Parks Elementary.
  • Ross Elementary.

Math in Motion 

  • Discovery Charter School, Chula Vista
  • San Miguel Elementary School, Lemon Grove

Dance with thisABILITY!  with St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center

  • Approximately 40 young adults with varying physical and mental disabilities participate in year-round dance programming.
  • Dancers participate in enriching public performances that help extinguish stereotypes about people with disabilities.
  • The partnership helps create an inclusive dance culture that is representative of all people.

Artists in Motion at La Jolla Country Day School

  • All high school students involved in the La Jolla Country Day School dance program work with a Malashock Dance teaching artist in residence.
  • Malashock Dance Company teaches several master classes at Dance Place San Diego, facilitating a deeper connection between Malashock Dance’s professional company, training programs, and community.

Community Need 

  • Malashock Dance has identified the need for free or low-cost dance programming based on the socio-economic barriers that effect parents’ ability to pay for dance class tuition, the absence of dance programming in schools, the limited number of private dance studios in low income areas, and a lack of participation in physical activities by children (especially children with disabilities).


  • According to San Diego Unified School District’s demographic profiles, nearly 95% of students participating in Malashock Dance Education Outreach programming qualify for free or reduced price meals and approximately 12% have Individual Education Plans (IEP) due to developmental disabilities. Over 70% of the students participating in Malashock Dance Education Outreach programming are minorities.


  • The San Diego Unified School District has made approximately $5 million in reductions to the budget over the past five years.  As a result, many in-school arts programs have been eliminated. Malashock Dance is capable of meeting this need by combining resources while drawing on community support for innovative programming


  • Malashock Dance has also identified the need for increased physical activity in order to address the increasing rates of childhood obesity in San Diego. Approximately 20.4% of children ages 5-20 were overweight in San Diego in 2002, which is an increase of 55% from 1992 (Pediatric Nutrition Survey for California and San Diego, 2002). Due to reductions to the San Diego Unified School District budget, many schools have eliminated Physical Education instructors, which resulted in less physical activity for students. Standards-based learning in dance addresses the need for moderate to rigorous physical activity which will dramatically reduce the risk of childhood obesity.


  • Malashock Dance addresses a need for hands-on learning opportunities seldom incorporated into traditional school instruction. Often, hidden strengths and leadership qualities surface during creative activities like dance class, and allow unlikely students the opportunity to shine.

Take a Peek (media) 

Math In Motion

MATH IN MOTION serves Kindergarten through eighth grade classrooms in partnership with the San Diego Unified School District Visual and Performing Arts department. The program’s innovative approach to cross-curricular education includes rotations of ten weekly classes that integrate grade-level Dance, Physical Education, and Math content standards. Due to the unique structure and highly integrated lesson plans, Malashock Dance (MD) will include a professional development workshop for participating classroom teachers, enabling school sites to continue replicable project activities after the ten classes with MD. By adding a physical element to the process of exploring mathematical concepts, this program will increase the depth of learning and understanding, especially for students who have not been successful in a traditional sedentary classroom environment. In addition, ESL (English Second Language) students are given a visceral experience where non-verbal communication is used to teach, learn, and reenforce benchmarks for success.

Math in Motion – Freese Elementary 2015 from Malashock Dance on Vimeo.

Artists in Motion

High School students attending La Jolla Country Day School have the opportunity to work with a resident Malashock Dance teaching artist during their dance class offered on campus.  Students work specifically on developing their technique in modern dance and learning choreography for their Spring dance performance.  MD enhances the quality of La Jolla Country Day School’s dance education program by providing students direct access to a MD teaching artist.  This training and exposure leaves a lasting impact on students, creating dancers and arts supporters in the process.


Dance with thisABILITY!

In partnership with St. Madeleine Sophie’s Center, Malashock Dance facilitates Dance with thisABILITY, a program where young adults are integrated into a professional dance environment at Dance Place San Diego.  Malashock Dance teaching artists provide a weekly dance class that incorporates fine and gross motor skills, spatial awareness, musicality, self expression through movement, and pattern sequencing into an upbeat instructional setting.  Students warm up, complete improvisation exercises, and learn a special piece of choreography.  They have two opportunities to perform at St. Madeleine’s Sophie Center, and work in collaboration with other students with disabilities who are studying music.  They accompany the dancers, providing an entertaining and moving display of ability!


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