Promoting dance as a channel for
personal expression through participation,
education, and artistic collaboration.

Sadie Weinberg


New Work


I suppose my work can be summed up this way: It is a search for a sort of serenity disrupted by an itching sadness and peppered with moments of phrase-work built through the shear pleasure of moving.  It is meditative, because I am not.  It is searching for all of  the things I long for. My work is about listening; to myself, my dancers and to the process. I try to consider space, timing, variation, unison, set phrase work and improvisation in fits and starts, and there is some part of me that hopes outsiders understand, or are driven to understand, or are taken somewhere, but that is peripheral to tending to the work and the people that make up the work.

Lately, I feel like anything and all things are possible in the dance rehearsal and I have begun to disrupt the normal course of events we associate with choreographed dances.  I am interested in bridging the divide between big juicy choreographed phrase work and improvisation, technical/detailed precision and organic flow, moving from the inside and moving in relation to what is around us:  I want to surprise myself and the dancers with the infinite possibilities that live both inside of our dancing bodies and in the world around us.

More than anything I wish to instill in students that dancing and learning dances can be joyful and a place to practice fearlessness and compassion.




Posted at February 21st, 2017 by Whitney Laurent.