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Master Class with John Malashock

Master Class with John Malashock

& Live Accompaniment


April 2, 2017

11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

Malashock Dance

Abbe Wolfsheimer Studio 200



Line with JM!! Crop

For the past 28 years, acclaimed choreographer, John Malashock has been inspiring dancers to explore and take risks with complex phrase work, unexpected dynamics, and truly unique ways of developing musicality. His work demands a high degree of physicality and encourages execution of movement with intention and curiosity. The heart of his class is to cultivate advanced dancers who possess physical power and tender expressiveness. Don’t miss your opportunity to train with one of the greatest leaders in the San Diego dance community!

Live Accompaniment by Kris Apple

 Kristopher Apple is an independent artist working as a violinist, apple_headshotcomposer, performer, and improviser at the intersection of music, dance, text, and digital media. His music is a regular feature of the San Diego arts scene where he works closely with choreographers, writers, directors, composers, visual artists, and software developers to integrate music and interdisciplinary performance practices. He is a highly sought after artist who provides music, dance accompaniment, and production support for numerous colleges, universities, dance companies, and theater companies throughout San Diego.



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