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Malashock Signatures II


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Malashock Signatures II

NOVEMBER 3 – 13, 2016

Malashock Dance rediscovers fan favorites and explores new inspirations for the future with immersive contemporary dance performances November 3 – 13, 2016. Echoing last season’s sold-out and critically acclaimed performances, “Malashock Signatures II,” offers a thrilling program of dance that highlights Emmy-award winning choreographer, John Malashock’s “signature” choreographic voice. Performances will be held Nov. 3-6 and Nov. 10-13, 2016 in The Abbe Wolfsheimer Studio at Malashock Dance. Tickets are $15 to $25 per person and are on sale September 1, 2016

The first act of “Signatures II” will feature a Malashock Dance trademark favorite, Shadow of Mercy (2009). Shadow of Mercy marries Malashock’s characteristic gift for physical storytelling with stunning lyrical imagery, to create a work that portrays the beauty and struggle of being human. “I have long felt an affinity for Leonard Cohen and his work, says John Malashock, founder and artistic director, Malashock Dance. “We both have a deep spiritual longing that, ultimately, finds its voice through our art.” Nine exquisite professional Malashock Dance company members will bring these universal characters to life with unparalleled technical ability. The experience for the audience will be one that touches many senses in their minds, hearts and souls.

Act II of “Signatures II” will feature the World Premiere of Malashock’s yKnot, a twisting and winding journey across a wide-ranging musical and emotional landscape. yKnot is made up of five dramatic music sections, each by a different contemporary composer, performed by the world-renowned yMusic ensemble of New York. With eight dancers, Malashock will weave a tapestry depicting the predominance of technology in our modern lives and look at how we are simultaneously closer than ever, yet further separated from each other. yKnot reveals ways that individuals choose to solve this puzzle, in their attempt to maintain true humanness in an increasingly virtual world.

“Signatures II” will give audiences an opportunity to share the studio space with the dancers. Patrons who have seen Malashock’s large-scale productions will appreciate this intimacy, and a new generation of patrons will find the setting thrilling, energizing, and entertaining.

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Posted at August 25th, 2016 by Molly Puryear.