Promoting dance as a channel for
personal expression through participation,
education, and artistic collaboration.

The Engagement Ring


Malashock Dance doesn’t want dance to remain just a ‘spectator sport.’ The Engagement Ring is a series of innovative, fun, and accessible dance events that encourage attendees to participate, contribute, and engage with the art of dance. This series takes place in, or around, Dance Place San Diego within historic Liberty Station. Join The Engagement Ring and experience dance like you never have before!

The admission price for each individual event is $10 presale, $15 at the door. Purchase all six events in the series for a discounted price of $50!


Photos of The Engagement Ring events are provided by Natasha Caldera and  can be found at





Des Hands

EVENT 5 – Liquid Flux


April 16, 2016 – 1 pm 


NTC Park Parking Lot on Cushing Road in Liberty Station (Between Dewey Rd. and Chauncey Rd.) 

Please wear comfortable footwear and clothing, and bring sunscreen and water!Des Hair & Water

Created by Lara Segura

SUP choreography consultant: Melinda Gafford

Liquid Flux will premiere as part of National Water Dance, a nationwide movement choir, designed to inform and inspire both participants and audience members to take responsibility for conserving and protecting the water they use and enjoy. This national site-specific collaboration will occur simultaneously across the United States and will also be streamed live  on the internet. Only by attending the live event can you take part in this unique movement for community awareness created through dance and personal engagement!

Liquid Flux is sponsored by Paddle Board Pilates
A revolutionary way to do 60m of Pilates mat work while enjoying the benefits of Stand up paddle boarding. Please check out or – call (619) 701-5894


Liquid Flux will feature music by Jaime Shadowlight
Poetry for Liquid Flux provided by: Holly Masturzo of Our Ellipses 
bwport    OurEllipses_Medium




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EVENT 6 – #TheScreensBetweenUs

Brianna DanceBrianna P Headshot











June 25, 2016 – 6:30 pm

*Location: Courtyard in front of the entrance to Luna Grill in Liberty Station

2400 Historic Decatur Rd, San Diego, CA 92106

(The event will take place outdoors. Please dress accordingly!)

Created by Brianna Pilkinton

Imagine you’re having an ordinary day…you decide to stop by your local cafe. You can’t help but notice that the cafe has been forever changed by the presence of screens, smartphones, computers, and gadgets. #TheScreensBetweenUs is an observation on the human connections built and lost when viewing the world through our screens. This piece also challenges the conventional expectations of audience behavior and invites participants to engage through use of smartphones, cameras, and social media.






The admission price for each individual event is $10 presale, $15 at the door. Purchase all six events in the series for a discounted price of $50!

Past Events


EVENT 1 – Karaoke Dance Night at ‘The Abbe’N & C Epic







November 14, 2015 in the Abbe Wolfsheimer Studio at Malashock Dance – 8 pm

Created by Malashock Dance

Test out your pipes to a great list of songs, or dance along while others take Center Stage with the microphone. You will sing. You will dance. And you will experience some great choreography to some amazing song renditions. Wine, beer, and specialty cocktails will be available from our saucy, sexy bartender. This is sure to be a sizzling night that you won’t soon forget!


EVENT 2 – Into The Fox Den

jj (1)


December 19, 2015 in the Abbe Wolfsheimer Studio at Malashock Dance – 7 pm

Created by Vulpes Vulpes

Vulpes Vulpes hereby invites you into the fox den. You may partake in secret rites, discover hidden truths, or unravel great mysteries. Please leave your identity at the door. Tell no one. Obscuris vera involvens.


EVENT 3 – The People’s Opera House

People's Opera


January 16, 2016 in Dance Place San Diego – 8 pm

*Audience check in and ticket sales will occur at the main stair case on Truxtun Road

Created by Aurora Lagattuta & Tony Allard

The People’s Opera House

   ….travel the house ….create an opera!

Choreographer, Aurora Lagattuta, and performance and video artist, Tony Allard, team up to bring the sometimes lofty world of technology and opera into a shared experience. The People’s Opera House is an interactive journey allowing audience members to playfully generate a unique, symbiotic collaboration between dancers, audience and audio visual technology.


EVENT 4 – On The Spot


Group ArabesqueIMG_5518

February 27, 2016 in the Abbe Wolfsheimer Studio at Malashock Dance – 7 pm

Created by John Malashock

Witness and influence the choreographic process of John Malashock at On The Spot! Join the creative process of Emmy Award-winning choreographer John Malashock as he allows us to peak into what it’s like to make a brand new dance from scratch. No rehearsals, no costumes, no stage just the blank canvas of the Abbe Wolfsheimer Studio, the company dancers and endless possibilities.








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