Promoting dance as a channel for
personal expression through participation,
education, and artistic collaboration.


Adv. Modern Technique

Instructor: Erica Buechner

Thursdays 7:00-8:30pm (Adult)

This class is designed to facilitate an in-depth exploration of space; physically, mentally and emotionally.  By using functional alignment and imagery, students will increase their ability to move efficiently and expand their awareness of the body as it relates to both internal and external space.  Students will explore how the use of breath, expansion, and contraction can re/generate elements of time and energy in their movement.  This class will encourage students to expand their physical and mental relationship with space while working with movement initiation, level changes, gravity, rhythms, and spirals.  Class will begin and end with full-bodied movement, progressing through an invigorating warm-up, floor-work, exploration and movement phrases.  Participants are encouraged to draw from their experience to discover how to be safe in relation to their body while creating movement, and how to heighten their sense of presence in order to engage emotional space, create a sense of community and enjoy self-discovery.

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