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Music We Love: Summer Intensive Warm Up Playlist

Honestly, I take my playlists very seriously. Teaching Summer Intensive warm up first thing in the morning is a unique opportunity to set the tone for the rest of the day. I try to create class plans that...   Read More »

SUMMER INTENSIVE: Set Yourself Up for Success!

Summer Intensive: Set Yourself Up For Success Many teen and adults dancers who are serious about training spend their summer away from home, being exposed to a new dance setting. Summer Intensives offer a...   Read More »

Music We Love: Beginner Modern Spring 2014

I love sitting down to choose music for my classes each week, and I often hear students and instructors comment on how much they love discovering new music during dance classes. So, here are the playlists I...   Read More »


Here it playlist from November and December 2013. Every year, I close out class with a big fun phrase to "Happy Christmas the War is Over." This year, my students made me proud. Thank you to all of...   Read More »

Producer Michael Mizerany talks Malashock/RAW!

Malashock/RAW is my cup of tea.  Edgy, daring, sometimes controversial – a chance-taking effort that always proves itself to be a compelling and cutting-edge evening of dance.  To quote John Malashock,...   Read More »

BEST TIPS AND ADVICE: Malashock Dance Faculty

One of the most powerful feelings of success, for both dance teachers and a students, happens when a specific correction becomes an "ah ha!" moment. Dance instructors often hear the same fears and struggles...   Read More »

What’s in a dancer’s bag?

It’s back-to-school time and we are all taking advantage of the opportunity to find some great new clothes and supplies to start the year off right. This got me thinking about refreshing my dance bag, too. I...   Read More »


Lets face it, sometimes is hard to get moving in the morning! Our summer intensive students are putting in over 130 hours of dancing over the course of the three-week workshop, and it is my job to get them...   Read More »

Creative Dance for Malashock’s Tiny Dancers is a Hit!

The following is an excerpt of a blog post written by one of our parents whose twin daughters take our Creative Dance 1 class on Saturday mornings. We thought it was an interesting perspective and we wanted to...   Read More »

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