Promoting dance as a channel for
personal expression through participation,
education, and artistic collaboration.

2016 Season Donors


Legacy Circle: $100,000+

David Stutz in honor of Abbe Wolfsheimer

Danah Fayman

Madeline Goldberg

Enid Gleich


Dr. Irwin and Joan Jacobs, Anonymous, Martha Malashock

$5,000 – $14,999

Daniel & Phyllis Epstein, Edith Andrew-Akita, Laura Galinson, Jeffrey and Sheila Lipinsky

$2,500 – $4,999

Daniel S Malashock, Bill & Evelyn Lamden, Chris Loughridge, Sarah B Malashock, Paul Pietranico, Dr. Bob and June Shillman

$1,000 – $2,499

Joan Beber, Florence Cohen, Pat Finn, Jill Hall, Maureen and Charles King, Reinette and Marvin Levine, Pat O’Connor, Traci and Derek Ostertag, Vivien and Jeffrey Ressler, Karin Sherr, Howard Silberman, Susan Arnout Smith and Alfred Toulon Smith, Julie Strong, Paul Henkart and Nancy Tomich


$250 – $999

Lyman Christopher, Betty Amber, Anonymous, Jerry Buckley, Bob & Debbie Fellman, Zdenka Fronek & Walter Olsen, Herbert Solomon and Elaine Galinson, Heather Hawkins, Betsy Frank and John Kafka, Dori & Charles Kaufman, Jenny Landers, James & Lois Lasry, Hamilton and  Estelle Loeb, John and Nina Malashock, Victor Maslov, Alex and Judy McDonald, Brianna Wood Pilkinton, Christen Powell-Essinger, Paul Robinson and Trudy Stambook, Stuart Schwartz, Anne and Ronald Simon, Marilyn Stenvall, Jeanette Stevens, Miriam Summ, George and Kate Willis


$100 – $249

Anonymous,  Phylaine Bemel, Peter and Lorri Bauer, Amy Spitler and Noam Ben-Efraim, Joan Bernstein, Beth Brust, Roberta Burnett, Oliver McElroy and Karen Delaurier, Gayle and Charlie Early, Bernard Eggertsen & Florence Nemkov, Rupert Essinger, Jerry & Linda Goldberg, Don and Dale Goldman, Bill Hargreaves and Sharon Edmons, Edna and Alexander Harper, James and Joyce Harrison, Cecily & Scott Holcombe, James Grutkowski, Nancy Barlow James, Barbara Katz, Elizabeth A Klugh, Fang Lin, Carroll Long, Patricia Low & Mark Majette, Julianne Markow, Lynne Martin, Jim and Estelle Milch, Harmony Negrin, Joani Nelson, Vicki Nenner, Diana and Ric Nicastro, Janet O’Dea, David Parker, Jane Rand, John & Bonnie Rush, Neno and Victoria Segura, Reema R Shah, Jerome Shaw and Joyce Cutler Shaw, Tracy Skaddan, Dan Smith, Rosary Stephen, Philip and Gayle Tauber, Margo Wilding & Richard Avery, Caryl Lees Witte, Louis Wolfsheimer

$1 – $99

Rhonda Amber, Deanna Askin, Bonnie Baron, Herbert W Binder, Carol Manifold, Patti and Coop Cooprider, Eric Pitarresi, Charles Glidden, Michael and Nancy Glynn, Meg and Allan Goldstein, Judy Dolan and Raymond Hardie, James & Anne Hubbell, Jennifer Jones, Christina Kelley, Pat Launer, Susan Levine, Junko Majors, Diane Holland and Geoffrey Manning, Betty McDonald and John Bonadeo, Katy J McDonald, Martha McPhail, Mary and Mike Meyer, Jared Ostertag, Rosanne E Ramos, Victor Razo, Sue Rosner, Rhonda Schwartz, Martin and Charlotte Stern, Philipp Vagner, Carl and Karen Winston, Abbigail R Young


Sponsor Logos FY16

Posted at April 1st, 2016 by Molly Puryear.